Tuesday 29 January 2013

Rebecca ~ an inspiration

A tribute to a very special girl

I was lucky enough to know Rebecca for the 2 years I worked at NCYPE. She was a cheerful, smiley, young girl always chattering away. She had huge challenges to overcome, the greatest of which were here seizures. She went through some really tough times, but always bounced back with a smile. I think we can all learn something from her, she was truly inspirational.

I will never forget Rebecca, I have so many memories of trips out and days in, she made the house come alive. She could always cheer you up on a bad day and was a pleasure to spend time with be it out bowling or pointing out all the purple flowers on a walk, or sitting in playing bingo or doing maths questions.

Sadly she passed away a few weeeks ago, life can be very cruel taking someone so young but I'd like to think she's up there somewhere smiling down on us all.  My thoughts are with Rebecca and her family through these hard times.  She will never be forgotten, she really was in her own words a "real big lovely".

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