Monday 14 January 2013

Rich's Birthday Weekend ~ full of surprises

Since coming out of hospital Rich has been signed off work, he says he feels he's dosing but he is really tired and not himself, in quite a lot of pain I think, so I think he's doing the right thing, if he goes back too soon he could end up back in hospital.  But it has been nice having him around more and I know Riley has loved it, so many smiles and giggles.  But all good things must come to an end (and bad things as his arm is improving) and he is back to work now.

It was his birthday this weekend and his brother and me organised a surprise birthday meal with friends Saturday and a family meal (Korma his favourite!) on Sunday.  He hadn't really thought about his birthday so I think it meant a lot.  Riley is such a star, she was really happy all weekend and was just such a pleasure and not difficult at all. We feel very lucky to have such a happy baby who fits in with things so well.  We are truely blessed :)

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