Thursday 31 January 2013

Activity of the Week - turn out the lights!

At this time of year towards the end of the day before bed time it's getting dark. It's a perfect time to get some sensory play going.

It can be as simple as getting a torch and shining it round the room, make some shadow puppets either just with your hand or cut some stencils out of card.

Another idea is to get some sweet wrappers (the ones from quality street you can see through) and wrap them round the torch to give you some colour.

Then you've got all the other glowing thing you may have bought or been bought. We've got a colour changing star and some sort of round plastic ornaments that change colour.  Also we got some glow in the dark stars for Christmas so they're great.

Use your imagination, make up stories, sing some songs or just put some relaxing music on.  If you've got a bit sick of twinkle, twinkle there's another nice song called have you ever tried to count the stars, you can download it from amazon for 69p :

Have You Ever Tried To Count The Stars

Have fun :)

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