Tuesday 8 January 2013

Rich is free ~ finally discharged from hospital

Well it's been a tough few days.  Turns out Rich has cellulitus, so an infection of the deep skin layers.  He's been in hospital for 4nights now but they have finally let him go home as it seems to be improving, he's very tired and on lots of anti-biotics but so glad to have him home and so's Riley.

Being on my own was tough, I worried about having a seizure overnight, just meant there was more time on my own to worry and overthink things. Not having Rich around was lonely, my evenings were very strange and hearing our neighbour shouting at her kids in the middle of the night didn't help things.  Although it was only 4 nights it felt like alot more.  Luckily my wonderful family and friends gave us lifts around places, brought me some meals and were just really supportive of me and Rich, lots of people went to visit.

Riley definately missed her Daddy, I was umming and arring whether to take her onto the ward as it was a little grim, think they were over run with patients, great care but the ward was small with a lot of people in it.  But after 2 days I knew Rich needed cheering up and Riley seemed unsettled so we braved it!!!  When we left it was hard enough for me, but I think Riley was very confused, we had a lot of tears everytime we got home. I think babies understand more than we give them credit for.

He's home now so that's the main thing.  Very very relieved he is ok.

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