Monday 21 January 2013

Things to do on a rainy day ~ well in this case snowy

Ok, one of the most difficult things I've found with not driving is finding things to do when your stuck in the house so thought I'd do a weekly idea for something to do to pass the time...

So Week 1 ~ Sensory box

Ok, so grab a cupboard box and some bright wrapping paper... Wrap the box in and out. Then if you can get hold of some baby safe mirrors, stick them in the box - and you have a baby in a box!

Then grab some other bits, different textured material, scarves etc...

Some old toys, they haven't seen in a while, maybe an old book.

Bubbles - wastes hours

Some stuff from outdoors, stones, shells, pine cones.

Kitchen utensils - spoon, brush, sieve, pan - lots to feel and make noises with.

Then you can be more creative, I got an old bottle decorated it a bit, put some glitter and teddy confetti (thanks Christina for the surprises in cards) and some red dye, Sellotape the lid on add some ribben - tadda.

Can also just put some pasta or rice in a milk cartoon, makes a great rattle.

Then you have lots of stuff that packs into a nice box... stick some music on and have some fun :)

Make sure you don't leave them on there own, lots of trouble they could get into with this one!

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