Thursday 2 May 2013

Getting out and about ~ bus passes and disabled railcards

On Monday I lost my bus pass so I had to pay for the buses... I think I take my disabled bus pass for granted too much, buses are soooo expensive, I can't believe anyone can afford to get the bus everywhere.  I think if I didn't have my bus pass I wouldn't be able to afford to get out half as much as I do at the moment.  It would be really isolating, I just hope everyone with uncontrolled epilepsy knows they are eligible for a bus pass and disabled rail card... it's not always very well advertised and I didn't know the first time I lost my licence.

You can get a disabled rail card from the National Rail Enquiries website:

Bus Passes are applied for locally but can be used nationally, the following link redirects you to your local issuing council:

If your lucky enough to live in London you could be eligible for a Freedom Pass,we live about 2miles outside the zone which is annoying!  Here's the link:

Know what your entitled to so you can get out and about meeting other mum's and babies, I found that was so important, being at home too much is not only mind numbingly boring but also can get you down and make you feel very alone... you're not, don't let not being able to drive stop you from getting out and about for you and your baby :)

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