Thursday 16 May 2013

Nursery ~ maybe we're gettin there...

Last Wednesday I was so sure they were lying to me at nursery saying she had hardly cried at all... she had screamed and thrown herself at Rich when he left her and when I picked her up she was smothered into one of their chests sobbing with big red puffy eyes...

But this week, she still screamed and tried to throw herself into my arms, when I left her (just what I needed when this week isn't exactly going great!)  But Rich said when he picked her up she didn't cry at all which is a really positive step so maybe she is starting to settle in a bit more.  I hope so, it is so hard though leaving her in such a state!  Still a way to go though.

Apparently there's another boy who has the same rabbit toy as her and they both want both of them!  Quite amusing I thought!

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