Thursday 16 May 2013

Starting to really get around :)

Well there's no stopping her now, she's super fast crawling around and has now started to pull herself up onto furniture and can shimmy along it all be it quite slowly.  She's also got a walker that she can push along.  It was going a bit fast for her on the wooden floors but on the carpet with some heavy books in it (I knew my uni anatomy and physiology books would come in useful one day!) she pushes it along really well :)

I am so happy she is crawling and getting around, so many people said I'd change my mind about wanting her to crawl when she starts and gets into all sorts of trouble.  But aside from me no longer worrying my meds and seizure might have effected her development... it is just so nice to watch her exploring her world and she just seems so happy to be able to get around without always needing me.  It's great :)

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