Tuesday 21 May 2013

Activity of the Week ~ getting outside

Well summer is here and we've got to make the most of it!  Yesterday Riley and me went out looking for amzing wildlife... what might seem an everyday thing that you just walk past can be amazing to a baby...

So we found dandelions :)  they are now at the Dandelion Clock stage and Riley loved watching me blow the little seeds away.

Then we listened to the swallows in the barn, their bird song really echoes around in there and is amazing to listen to when everything else is quiet.

Then we did fond something that would be amazing to everyone...  baby Robins in one of the horses stables, they had just fledged but couldn't quite fly over the stable door yet!

So get outside and have some fun in the sun... well maybe not the sun but the outdoors anyway.

And I will just stick on the end something that not every child will have the chance to do, but Riley is very lucky to be able to sit on a very special little pony, Pipe :)

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