Tuesday 14 May 2013

A Tribute to Mac ~ a very special horse


I never let my epilepsy stop me doing the things I loved.  I have grown up around horses as my family run a livery yard.  I have had a few lovely horses in my life, but for the last 14years... half my life... I have had Mac in my life, I don't think I ever took him for granted, I always felt very lucky to have a horse who you could rely upon so much.  He looked after me, he was so sensible, he wouldn't make a fuss about things and he was so much fun, we used to do gymkhana, he loved it.  I always felt able to just go for a ride, think things through and get away from things for a little while.  My epilepsy didn't really bother me when I was riding Mac, I knew he'd look after me if anything did happen. But Sunday night he had to be put down, it was completely unexpected, he had a few health problems but nothing major, he got a twisted gut and so my Mum had to make the incredibly hard decision to say goodbye.

It doesn't seem real at the moment, I know some people will say he's just a pet, but to me he was more than that, he was a friend, he'd always been there for me, horses never judge.  He was there through the good times and the bad, when I was being bullied, when I was diagnosed with Epilepsy I'd sobbed into his mane.  He was a big part of all the best times of my life too, I remember revising for my exams on our Saturday rides with a friend, we'd write everything onto flash cards and take them with us!!!  Whenever something great happened in my life I'd go for a ride all happy and it would give me time to take it all in.

So this is a tribute to Mac who changed my life, there will never be another horse like him, I was so lucky to have him.

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