Friday 26 July 2013

2nd Children! Not yet I don't think...

It's getting to the point now where some of my friends with babies Riley's age are starting to think about 2nd children... I can't even begin to think about that now, for a huge range of reasons!

Firstly I am starting to quite enjoy getting 7hours of straight sleep at night, I feel some what human again! Secondly we're going to America in March, don't want to be ruining that.

Thirdly there is all the issues around medication... do I stay on a high dose of Lamotrigine, or do I reduce it and risk a seizure, I might have a seizure anyway like I did last time I was pregnant anyway, or do we try something else like Keppra and hope a lower dose controls things. I know this is something I need to think about soon, especially as it could take years to get things right, but not just yet. Touch wood I haven't had a major seizure on this dose and I am only getting partial ones about once every 3 months which is nothing really.

Finally, this is an issue I discussed with another friend who doesn't have epilepsy but can't drive. Can you imagine standing at a bus stop with a 2 year old who is walking but doesn't quite understand fully the risk if traffic, with a tiny baby screaming... I don't think I could cope, so I think a slightly bigger gap will make things easier and safer.

So they you have it, in short the times not quite right just yet.

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