Friday 5 July 2013

Riley's Development ~ 13 months


I haven't really spoken about how Riley's developing for a while.  Well, she seems to be pretty much average, she's reaching all her developmental milestones (as they like to put it) around about the times she should do.

She's now walking with her push along walker and today she took some steps holding on to my hand with just one hand.  She crawls very fast and pulls herself up on furniture and cruises round on it.

She's eating really well, I'm only giving her a breastfeed at bedtime and at 11pm when we go to bed, next step is to cut both and just give her a bottle of warm milk at bedtime.  Not sure when that next step will be... it's quite hard finally stopping breastfeeding after over a year.  But it will be nice to be able to go out some nights without having to worry about being there to feed her.  It will happen soon.

She points at things now and she is vocalising with lots of different noises.  Her main word still seems to be "Dog" but we're sort of hearing more words in her babble and she seems to understand a lot more everyday.

She is becoming quite clingy to Rich, my mum and me... and at nursery she's got attached to her keyworker!  I am sure that she will become more independent but at the moment that's probably the hardest thing.  She just shys away from people who she knows but doesn't know well, like she thinks we'll leave her with them.  She's fine with strangers...  but I know it will pass, it's just a phase.

So there it is, Riley's development in a nut shell :)  basically she's a very healthy happy baby ~ proof epilepsy shouldn't stop you becoming a mum

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