Monday 15 July 2013

Fun in the Sun ~ the sandpit sarga ends!

Well the hot weather continues and we are definately making the most of it spending almost the whole time outside.  This weekend we had a BBQ and the sandpit saga finally ended!!!

Basically Mum and Dad bought Riley a sandpit for her birthday, when we put it together it was so easy to pull apart a child could get their fingers stuck in it... so we took it to pieces and eventually managed to send it back.  But we started looking at more wooden saindpits and they all seemed as bad as that one with aweful reveiws.  Then we found this one on the John Lewis website, it is fab (took a while to put together as we didn't have an electric screw driver but Riley loves it :) she just loves sand!

So if you ever want a wooden sand pit I would recommend the following! (and it takes 5 20kg bags of sand to fill!)

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