Tuesday 9 July 2013

Enjoy the Sunshine ~ get some vitamin D

Something a lot of people aren't aware of is that anti epileptic medications can reduce your vitamin D levels. Most people in the UK have low vitamin D levels purely due to the weather, but often people taking AEDs can have even lower levels.

Vitamin D is important to build strong bones, it helps lay down calcium on your bones. Low levels can increase the chance of osteoporosis in later life so worth considering taking a vitamin supplement... have a chat with your GP or specialist if you are concerned at all.

My vitamin D levels were checked when I first was referred to London to see a specialist and were found to be almost in the seriously low category. I started a calcium and vitamin D supplement but after a year it didn't make any difference and even at the end of the summer my levels were very low.

I have been to the GP a few times about it, but they never take me seriously, telling me I need to go out in the sun more, when I tell them I do, they just don't believe me. I make a real conscious effort to make sure I spend about 30minutes in the sun before putting sun cream on. Because I can't drive I'm outside a lot.

But I am now taking a vitamin D supplement on it's own without the calcium and I make rue I'm out in the sun as much as I can be. Last time my levels we checked they were low but not seriously low, I think that's the best I'll get for now.

Anyway, enjoy the sunshine, it lifts the mood and it's good for your bones :)

Here's a link to the epilepsy action page on bone health:


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