Thursday 11 July 2013

Out and About ~ Your rights to discounted Travel

Standing at bus stops in the rain can be pretty depressing but in this glorious sunshine it's great to get out and about :) I just wanted to post about the rights to transport that people with Epilepsy have as the bus costs an arm and a leg and I couldn't imagine sitting at home all day, I have to be out and about.

Firstly you are entitled to a disabled rail card, it costs £20 and you get 1/3 off rail travel for you and one other person (you can also add it directly onto an Oyster card):

Disabled Persons Railcard - Home
(Click image for link)

If you live in a London Borough you are entitled to a freedom pass which will give you free transport on almost all of London's transport:

We live a couple of miles outside Sutton so are not eligable for a freedom card, which is very annoying!  But you are entitled to free bus travel at all times, you need to contact your local council to find out how to do this as each is different, but this is what they look like:

To find your local council go to:

I know that when you have a young baby you just want to get out and about and most people have a car to do that.  Getting public transport just takes a bit more planning, but it is possible so get out there and have fun in the sun :)

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