Friday 5 July 2013

Chicken Stock...

Ok, from a big life change to chicken stock... oh how I live life to the full!

But seriously, stock is one of the things which I have found a nightmare.  Everything we make pretty much uses stock as part of it and all the books (and healthvistors etc) tell you not to use normal stock, understandably as it is full of salt.

I don't know if you've ever bought baby stock, but it is pretty much made of nothing, it just makes the water cloudy.  Then there's the stock you can buy in bags in the supermarket already made up.  It's fine but it costs loads (although you can freeze it in icecube trays so it does go a fair way.

Anyway I have now started to make my own stock, we have roast chicken pretty much every other weekend, so I just boil the chicken carcus, add some vegetables (carrots, parsnips and leeks) then boil for 4-5hours, drain off the stock and freeze in ice cube trays.

Everyone's probably already thought of doing it, but I've just been emptying the trays so thought I'd share it.

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