Friday 6 September 2013

15 Months ~ where are we at?

Just a quick note to say...  she's completely weaned!  Last weekend I stopped giving her a bedtime feed and instead she had a cup of cow's milk.  And we haven't really had any tears, I think it helped that our bedtime routine was always: breastfeed, bath/wash, story, sleep so we just took out the breastfeed and added a cup of milk to her story time.

On Saturday she had a tummy bug, (which I then got on Tuesday!) I almost gave her a feed again as I was worried she'd get dehydrated, but we stood our ground, it had to happen sometime and we'd already done Friday night.  So that's it, no more Mummy milk.  I feel a bit sad about it, she doesn't need me anymore!  But at the same time it's quite nice knowing I don't necessarily have to be there every bedtime, I can go out earlier :)

Also in the development news... Riley's walking round the furniture now pretty quickly and walking holding onto one of our hands!  I'm not too fussed about the walking, I can keep up with her while she's crawling when she's walking it'll be a bit more difficult!  I just want her to be able to go where she wants which is why I was so desperate for her to crawl, I know she'll walk in her own time.

As for communication, I think in the last 2 weeks she has really moved forward, although she doesn't say many clear words, her understanding has really improved, she follows a lot more instructions.  She's also started using sounds consistantly.  Like she say "di di" and waves when people go.  I really feel like she can communicate more with us and that is a huge step in my books :)

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