Wednesday 25 September 2013

Baby Carriers ~ Pros and Cons

Baby carriers has always been a little bit of an issue with me... before I had Riley I sort of thought that carrying her in a carrier was too much of a risk.  Then I spoke about it quite soon after having Riley when I started using one because she would scream so much when I tried to do housework so having her in a carrier was far less stress for me.

I loved having her in a carrier and if I didn't have epilepsy I think I would have used one a lot more.  I had a moby wrap which I was kindly given for £5 and Riley loved it :)

While in Devon we realised that we couldn't get very far with Riley in her buggy and we like to explore the outdoors.  So we decided to buy a proper backpack baby carrier and it is fantastic and Riley seems pretty happy in it.

Would definately recommend a carrier if you don't have epilepsy, if you do it's just a matter of weighing up the risks with the benefits and for me Riley's love of the outdoors means I'm willing to go with the backpack and Rich wears it quite a lot of the time anyway.

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