Wednesday 25 September 2013

Our Holiday to Devon

Well we had a great time in Devon.  Although the weather wasn't fantastic we still got out and about, as Billy Connolly said "There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing".  Riley wore her little puddle suit and wellies and was quite happy to paddle in rock pools and explore the countryside of Devon.  We did lots of lovely things, went on a steam train, swimming (in a pool not the sea, too cold!), explored a model village and saw some otters and butterflies.

And Riley started walking!!!  She's not walking far on her own, she can manage about 15steps so she's doing fantastic :) she'll be off in no time and I won't be able to keep up, then she'll be trouble!

The only problem with going on holiday is we always seem to get ill, this time we all came home with a cold!  And due to that and the change in routine Riley's sleeping went out the window so have to admit I don't think we came back refreshed!  But all seems back to normal now, a couple of hard nights of controlled crying and we all seem to be getting a good nights sleep.  So all in all we had a wonderful time.

I'll post some pictures in the coming weeks when we manage to get them all together (there are bits and pieces on all of our phones and cameras!  But for now I'll leave you with this beautiful picture of Rich and Riley.

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