Thursday 5 September 2013

Save the Local Bookshop

As many of you know, I am passionate about books!  I may struggle to read many books myself (I'm dyslexic and find taking in what I am reading quite hard so find it hard to get into a book)  but I think all children should be brought up surrounded by books.  It's something parents can share with their children and I just love reading stories with Riley.

That is why I am passionate about librarys and bookshops.  I love going to the library with Riley and picking out books together.  I also always try to buy books from our local bookshop rather than Amazon.  That's why I was so sad when I heard on the news our local bookshop was closing down.

The lady that runs the shop is so lovely and they are always so friendly when you go in there.  They'll have a chat with anyone and Riley always seems happy when we go pop in.

We went in there today, I wanted to get a book and indeed they did have it.  But they were also looking for people to buy a share in the shop to make it a community book shop and we wanted to buy Riley a share.  It turns out that they have had someone offer to buy the shop to make it into a cafe and the bookshop will be at the back.  It'll make it even better, you can pop in for coffee and a good chat and then grab a book :)

I am so pleased, there is something special about going into a bookshop, you can browse, read a snippet and just get an idea of a book before you buy it, you might even stumble upon a great book you never even knew existed.  You just don't get that on Amazon.

So have a look on the website and if you're around the area it's well worth popping in :)

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