Friday 6 September 2013

Running and Travel Insurance

My marathon idea may have to go on hold for a while.  It suddenly dawned on me that if I did have a seizure it could still ruin things...

I've mentioned it before but we are going to America next March, which is going to be amazing.  But I have recently started thinking about the practical side of it.  One of the things I need to consider is travel insurance.  It's going to be more expensive than everyone elses anyway, that's just the way it is... but when I was first diagnosed we had to cancel our family holiday to America because the insurance company refused to cover me at all.

If I have a seizure it could really effect things, I may not be able to ski as they may not allow me to have winter sports cover or even worse they may not insure me at all.  So I think just to be safe I will wait til we get home.  I truely do want to run the Marathon, it's been one of my major goals in life, I don't want epilepsy to stop me from reaching my goals.  But hopefully I'll be around quite a few more years so I have time!

Just thought I'd leave you with a photo of where we are going on holiday.  It's a photo of when I went there as a child.  It's why I find California so amazing and why I can't wait to show Riley real snow!

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