Wednesday 24 April 2013

EEG for King's College Research Project

I had an EEG today to go with the research project I did a while back... been a while since I've had one, forgot how annoying the glue was!  However I found that soaking it in the bath helped however baths and seizures don't mix very well, luckily Rich was around so I was able to have a nice bath.

They wanted me to sleep during the EEG, wasn't expecting that and I just couldn't sleep.  If I went for a sleep in the afternoon at home it wouldn't be a problem... but in a hospital bed with 2 people watching you and electrodes attached to your head in a 30minute time slot... wasn't going to happen!

Anyway hopefully they will have got some data from it and it might help develop a way of predicting if a medication will work for an individual before they start getting rid of some of the trial and error way in which medication and dose is adjusted at the moment.

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