Wednesday 24 April 2013

Neuro Appointment Today

So we went up to London for my neuro appointment.  I still feel very lucky to be seen in London, to have such a fantastic doctor who really seems to care and epilepsy nurses I can call anytime if I have worries.  I sort of still feel maybe my epilepsy isn't bad enough to warrent being seen in such a specialist place but then when I look back at my old consultant who's knowledge wasn't great (as proved by the changes made when I was seen in London) and on top of that he was so uninterested in what I was saying I can't imagine having had to discuss pregnancy and motherhood with him, I am so glad I stuck to my guns and asked to see someone else. It wasn't just for me in the end, it was for Riley too.

So anyway we haven't changed anything, at the end of the day I can live with the focal seizures, I have felt a bit dizzy recently after taking my medication but I can live with that too.  The idea of changing onto something else is too daunting to do right now but when we decide to have another baby it maybe something to consider, Riley will be bigger and hopefully my work will be more sorted so the impact of having a seizure would be less, so for now things remain the same unless I have another tonic clonic seizure.

I also had a great chat about the epilepsy action campaign and this blog, it was really great to hear she knew about it and that we're involved.  Made me feel a bit more confident about talking about all of this, hoping that maybe telling my story will help other women feel more confident in becoming a mum, because it is the best feeling ever and epilepsy shouldn't prevent you from experiencing this :)

So things are looking good at the moment, hopefully everything will continue to go well.

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