Tuesday 16 April 2013

Activity Folder ~ for all the amazing places we've been

We've started an activity folder for Riley, basically we've written a list of all the exciting places there is to go for a day trip.  We've written down all the ones that come up on your things to do websites but they all tend to cost quite a lot of money so we've also found lots of cheaper places, walks and parks to visit.  Everytime we go to one we're going to do an information page for her folder and then we'll have a collection of all the good places to visit :)

Here's a list of a few of the places we've already visited:

Brighton (Aquarium and Pier)
Rottingdene Beach
Tilgate Park
Box Hill
Newlands Corner and Silent Pools (near Guildford)
Morden Hall Park and Dene City Farm
Tandridge, Dorking and Epsom Swimming Pools
Thames Ditton Miniature Railway
Chessington Aquarium
Woodcote Garden Centre
Llama Park (Ashdown Forest)
Lookout Discovery Centre Bracknell
Bird World
Godstone Farm (as shown)
Bocketts Farm
Tulleys Farm (she loves animals thus the strong farm theme!)

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