Tuesday 9 April 2013

What a bus journey :(

The bus today was aweful... it was one of those situations I always dreaded... we were on the bus and someone in a wheelchair needed to get on, there wasn't enough space for us both so I was going to just get off and wait for another bus but the driver who was lovely said I should just fold up my buggy... but that is a bit of a mission but we gave it a go.  Riley had to sit with a lady and promptly started to cry.  Then when it came to getting off the bus the buggy wouldn't fit back together :( I just got really flustered!

And I could hear people saying that, in their day, buggies were much smaller and folded up and these big buggies shouldn't be allowed on buses.  I felt like saying well I have Epilepsy, I'd much prefer to be able to just drives places, but I can't and I couldn't get dead brakes fitted to a fold up buggy and in your day people would have thought I was possessed by the devil and wouldn't dream of letting me get married let alone have a baby...

Just a bit of a stressful bus journey home!

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