Thursday 4 April 2013

Some activities for the week

Ok, I haven't written for a while due to the stress of going back to work and us being ill so I haven't added any activities of the week, so to make up for it I'll do 3 now...


Ok, Kids love boxes and even at this age boxes seem to be a great time waster... Riley loves to help me with the washing by taking the clothes out of the clothes basket, she also loves to take things out of her toy box (not so good at putting things back!).  I have found that even a boring toy is put inside a box is more exciting!


I have said before how I feel that books even from the word go are great for babies, well Riley seems to love them.  If I give Riley a paper book she loves to turn the pages but also eat and tear them... but we picked up a couple of books for a pound at and NCT sale that have hard pages but are probably 30 pages long and she just loves to turn the pages. If I am reading her a book I give her the thick book and she will flick the pages as I read.  You can pick up books cheaply from NCT sales or often they sell the old ones at the library, at the end of the day even new books will end up shabby and well loved if your baby has their hands on them :)


Spring is coming, honestly, even if today it was snowing!  Something Riley loves is the swings, we've been bundling her up and taking her to the park, she loves it :) Let's hope summer comes quick so we can all go out and play.

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