Monday 22 April 2013

Warnings... or lack of!

I know my epilepsy is pretty well controlled and I feel very lucky for that but I still worry about it sometimes.  I guess that because I seem to go a year or 2 without one I still sometimes feel a bit scared about having one as it's only been 18months... but as time moves on and I only have small focal seizures very occasionally I know that my confidence will increase.

I think the worst bit is the fact I have no warning before having one... even if I had just 30seconds I could at least get somewhere reasonably safe and most importantly make sure Riley's safe.

I guess if you put it into risk assessment terms the risk of it happening is low but the impact if it does happen is high, a warning would reduce the later... but I don't get a warning so I try not to dwell on that too much, but sometimes I find people asking the question and when I say I have no warning looking so concerned and sometimes almost wanting me to say that I do just to make them feel better.

I remember going to a gym which I was refered to through my GP and at my induction they asked me if I got a warning and when I said no she asked are you sure??? Then ended up basically saying I could do very gentle exercise on the bikes and things and a few stretches but not to do too much... I felt like I was such a risk to them that I never went back.  I can do more at home and would rather just go for long walks to get some exercise.  Now I have Riley I walk so much that I think I keep pretty fit and have certainly lost my baby weight :)

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