Friday 26 April 2013

Nanny's First Day with Riley

Yesterday was the first day I left Riley with Nanny while I was at work.  When Rich and me came in after work, Riley was sitting on Nanny's lap all ready for bed reading a book.  When she saw us she gave us a big smile and wanted a cuddle, but no tears like when we pick her up from nursery.

Nanny said they had had a lovely day, they'd been to The Nest, spent time in the garden and had a walk with Lily dog.  Riley must have been knackered out as she slept from 8pm until 6.30am without a feed, woke for a feed and is now still asleep! (it may help a little bit we've put blackout curtains in her room...)

I am so glad they had such a lovely time and Riley was so happy, at least that's one day of the week I won't need to worry about her being upset and unsettled.  All I know is Riley loves her Nanny :)

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