Thursday 11 April 2013

Riley's 2nd Full Day at Nursery

Yesterday Riley went to nursery again.  It was the first time I left her as I had managed to palm it off to Rich last week.  It was horrible, she was screaming and it was so hard to walk out and leave her.  I spent the whole afternoon worrying about her.  But it turns out she actually had a good day, in fact possibly enjoyed it... she cried everytime the door opened but apparently stopped pretty quickly and carried on with what she was doing.  I am so relieved she is settling in, I knew she would and I know she'll love it eventually.

Not being with her yesterday made today somehow even more special, it reminded me just how much she means to me :) we went to Bocketts Farm and saw lots of really new lambs and piglets, was so great to see her so happy looking at all the animals.  She's a bit insecure at the moment, she doesn't like being held by other people but I'm hoping as she gets used to being with other people and knowing we will come back for her she'll become more confident.

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