Tuesday 5 February 2013

Breastfeeding ~ epilepsy shouldn't effect it

Just wanted to write a bit about Breastfeeding as don't think I really ever blogged much about it. I've read a few people's comments that health professionals told mum's after giving birth they couldn't due to the meds.

FACT: most mum's can breastfeed when taking epilepsy meds.

There are a couple of meds that are an exception, but always talk to your specialist or epilepsy nurse before the birth so you know the score and can stick to it whatever anyone else says. It's so unfair to be told you can't straight after the birth only to be told a few days later you can by which time it can be very hard or impossible to start.

If you think about it they've been taking a small dose throughout your pregnancy, the small amount in your milk is negligible when they are growing so fast.

Epilepsy Actions Info:

I knew I could so have solely breastfeed and I am still now, more because it's so easy. Was a bit worried about night feeds and seizures because I was tired so we always said if I'm too tired Rich would help at night either with expressed milk or formula.

Breastfeeding not for everyone, it can be hard. I found the first few months a challenge, not due to my epilepsy, just normal mum things, but after 3months it became easy. The main thing is you have the same choice as everyone else, having epilepsy doesn't change that. But never think just because you don't breastfeed you don't develop such a strong bond, people who say that are very unfair, it's not for everyone but don't let your epilepsy effect that decision.

Some info on breastfeeding from the nhs:

I have found breastfeeding overall a very positive experience, there is something amazing that for the first few months everything she does and all her growing is from what I'm eating! It's also so easy no sterilising bottles etc and it has built an emotional tie, starting to stop now as she eats more is quite hard, I have never been away from her for more than a few hours as she always needed me for milk.

Saturday will be my first full day away from her. Volunteering for an Epilepsy Action study day. But the fantastic thing is she gets a daddy daughter day :) when I'm back at work there will be a lot more of them so need to start letting go a bit more, just very strange leaving her behind!

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