Friday 15 February 2013

Packing ~ we're off to France tomorrow

We're off to France tomorrow to visit Riley's nanny in France. It's a bit daunting going abroad. It's a long journey and have lots of silly little worries. The biggest of which is I don't have the option of just popping to the doctors. I'm not one to panic and take her to the doctors for anything. Only been 3 times, twice when she spiked temperatures after getting over colds and once for her eczema (which is still bad)... but the options always there. My French is poor to say the least which scares me!

Anyway, been packing Riley's things, she's filled a suitcase! My stuffs going to be squashed on top! How can such a little person need so much stuff ~ truth is she probably doesn't, I just worry so pack everything!

It'll all be ok when we're out there and Riley will be very excited to see her Nanny.

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