Monday 4 February 2013

Baby Proofing the House

Our house is almost sorted for if Riley starts crawling (having done so she probably won't crawl for ages but none the less it is done).  From an epilepsy point of view we have as far as possible tried to think about what she could do if I were unconscious after a seizure, however there is only so much we can do.  The main part of the plan is to mainly keep her in the lounge, we're getting a stair gate and have a play pen we can put across to keep her out of the kitchen.  It has an added bonus that our stair case has gaps between the stairs so is impossible to just block the stairs so keeping her out of the hall entirely is a plus.  We just need to put up the upstairs stair gate and put on some cupboard locks and we are done.

I think my job also makes me quite paranoid about what could happen to a child.  Working on a brain injury rehab unit you see lots of accidents, most are so unlikely to happen most people wouldn't think of it.  But having seen the outcomes I do worry... there are a few things I have done based on accidents... got rid of blinds, always strapped her into her buggy (from day one) and she is not eating grapes til she's 18...  The biggest thing we have done is got rid of the glass doors, they're not safety glass and I'm paranoid about her going through it so I am very happy (plus they were aweful to clean).

So now she just needs to start crawling... at the moment I'm not sure it's going to happen anytime soon.  She seems quite happy just to sit and have things brought to her!

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