Monday 11 February 2013

First proper day on my own!

Saturday was the day! I know it probably sounds silly but for me it was a big thing. Other than Rich taking her away while we were in Peterborough but it didn't seem as big somehow... it didn't seem like the whole day or so far away...

Ok it was only a trip to London, I left at 8am after starting her breakfast an was back at 5.30, gave her her tea and put her to bed, then went out for a meal.

Rich had a lovely day with her, they went to Polsden Lacey and when I got back she was waiting at the station she didn't even seem to have missed me, no massive smile just an acceptance I
was back!

The evening didn't go so well, she was asleep when I left and then apparently woke up and cried until I got home at 10.30pm, I gave her feed and then she fell asleep all night... so maybe she did miss me... or was worried where her night feed might be coming from... I like to think the former!

I did miss her, it seemed very strange getting the train and bus without her... but it was also quite nice, a chance to listen to my music, not have to worry about getting a buggy around and also just to be independent, don't get me wrong, I thought about her and Rich all day but I also enjoyed the day and the meal in the evening.

It was a big step for me, in a way sad as she doesn't need me as much anymore, but in a way good as I am back to work soon and I don't want it to be a huge ordeal for her :)

I will talk about my day in a later post - was volunteering for epilepsy action at a conference on treatment options in difficult to control epilepsy... was very interesting :)

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