Thursday 14 February 2013

St Valentine ~ Patron Saint of Epilepsy!

Ok, I'm not really one for this Valentine thing... seems very commercialised and everything very expensive just to say I love you which I think should be said more than once a year.  Having been single every valentines before I met Rich to me it was a bit of a depressing day.  So I am a bit humbug to it all. But each to there own... Anyway this post isn't about that!

This year I read about St.Valentine being the patron saint of epilepsy... I'm not sure whether that makes it better or worse... on the one hand he's someone to gain comfort in but on the other he does rather support the old belief that epilepsy is some sort of possession by evil spirits which can be driven out of a person...

I did a presentation on the past myths of Epilepsy, it was very interesting, will have to post it sometime.

Here's a link to the Epilepsy Action article, bit long winded but worth a try if you've got the time

So valentine's day has another meaning for me be it good or bad, you decide :)

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