Tuesday 26 February 2013

Riley's been sick! Tummy bug number 2!

Yes Riley's been being sick for the last 24hours... hopefully we're over the worst and touchwood she hasn't been sick since yesterday afternoon and seems much more cheerful today.  She is amazing though because even while she's throwing up absolutely everything she eats she still has a smile on her face.

I was getting quite worried yesterday afternoon when she had had no fluids for getting on for 24hours and she was starting to look exhausted and pale.  I had tried blackberry dioralyte in cooled boiled water and ribena from a tippy cup (sterilised) and she was having none of it.  I am so thankful for having such wonderful friends and family who always save me in a crisis, thank you Madeline for getting me dioralyte and digestives!!!

She chewed on a little bit of digestive over the day (as recommended by my health visitor).  Eventually in a last ditch attempt I put some plain dioralyte in a bottle and it took her a while to get the first 50mls down, but then she glugged the rest!  She must know what's good for her, she perked up after that and had some toast, she cluster fed overnight and had a piece of toast and some dioralyte for breakfast and touch wood it's all stayed down.

Hopefully we're out of the woods and neither Rich or me get it.  Will write an activity and recipe of the week later this week when things have settled down a bit.

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