Friday 15 February 2013

Travel Insurance ~ Insure and Go

Insurance and epilepsy ~ another big issue... I have been turned down for life insurance, always good to know I'm at such high risk of death they won't even charge me a ridiculous premium, just a letter saying blank no and try again next year... if I live that long hehe.

The most frustrating thing I have found is insurance companies don't understand there's a difference between focal and generalised seizures... I found myself desperately trying to explain to someone whose grasp of the English language is summed up in the tick boxes they are reading off, the difference, that the seizures I have most often last a fraction of a second and don't effect my consciousness. But they don't get it, just continue with the grand mal, petit mal babble.

Then I found out about Epilepsy Action working with Insure and Go to provide travel insurance. They have a specific number, ask sensible questions and although it sucks we have to pay more at least it's not ridiculous and is related to the type of seizures you have. Plus with epilepsy action membership you get 10% off and they donate something to epilepsy action :)

Here's the link:

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